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Old Main Society

The Old Main Society recognizes those individuals who have made planned gifts in support of Frostburg State University or have made a provision for the University in their estate plans. These donors help to secure the future of the University and set an example for others through measures such as gift designations in their wills, naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy, or establishing life-income gifts such as gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts.

Members of the Old Main Society receive invitations to special University events, including an annual program designed especially for them. In addition, they also receive the Old Main Society membership pin further identifying them as members of a unique circle of supporters whose shared legacy is to ensure the future strength of Frostburg State University.

In addition to many anonymous donors, the following have included FSU in their estate planning.

Irene Middleton Albright
Virginia L. Armacost

The Honorable J. Glenn Beall, Jr.* & Mrs. Nancy S. Beall*
Mr. Carl Belt, Jr. & Mrs. Jane A. Belt
Dr. Edward G. Boehm, Jr.* & Mrs. Regina E. Boehm
Mr. Larry D. Boggs
Larry & Marilyn Brock
Philip F. Brode, III

Ms. Rebecca A. Brown-McCusker & Dr. Paul J. McCusker
Nancy Thomas Carman
Dr. Joseph W. and Mrs. Harriet Ahern Cavallaro*
Mr. Chadfield B. & Mrs. Mary E. Clapsaddle
Dr. Maureen P. Connelly
Gary D. & Janet S. Cook*
Mrs. Bernadene R. Cooley*
The Honorable Gene W. Counihan
Mr. B.J. Davisson, II & Mrs. Krista Davisson
Sandra P. Day
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Detrick
Mr. Ronald W. Detwiler*
Claire DeVaughan
Mr. Christopher C. Dickson*
Ms. Margaret E. Doak*
Esther Johnson Doerr*
Joy Wilson Douglas*
Susan Eisel*
David R. Eyler, Ph.D.
Gladys Wensel Faherty
Carol A. & Jeffrey P. Fegan
Ms. Elizabeth I. Flake*
Rev. Dr. Donald D. Forrester & Mrs. Anne G. Forrester
Col. Ronald G. Forrester & Dianna C. Forrester
Gary W. & Catherine B. Frick
Mr. Jack Ganley & Mrs. Sue Ganley
Mr. C. Phillip Gellner* & Mrs. Hilda Elizabeth Gellner*
Joseph P. George & Charlene Sue George
Mr. Ellis G. Glime* & Mrs. Mildred I. Glime*
Mrs. Harriet Brode Griffith*
Ms. Jane H. Grindel*
Dr. Nelson P. Guild* & Mrs. Maggie Guild*
Zach Heeter
Dr. Cindy Ellen Herzog
Terry Phillips Higgins
Mrs. Kathleen Dailey Hill*
Debra Hooton
Joann & John Horine
Jim & Sherry Phillips Hubbard
Sharon E. Irwin
Jon C. Jansen*
Mr. James A. Jeffries*
Wayne & Jackie Johnson*
Dr. Leroy Kohler* & Mrs. Adriana E. Kohler*
Martha J. Kump
Roy & Bonnie Otto Lantz*
Henrietta M. Lease
Leslie Leibowitz
Mr. Kim B. Leonard & Mrs. Marion S. Leonard
Ms. Alma G. Logsdon*
Mr. John W. Lowe*
Mrs. Mildred Walk Lowe*

Mrs. Phyllis S. MacVeigh
Ms. Melicent J. Malchenson
Dr. Alice R. Manicur*
Mrs. Annetta H. Marshall*
Mr. Robert J. Martin, Jr.
Rev. Mr. James L. Mason
McElfish Family
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. McFarland
Mr. Terrance McKenzie
John C.* & Polly W. McVicker
Mr. Paul H. Miller
Dr. Ray P. Morgan
Dr. Mary W. Mumper
Rebecca L. Neilson
Kenneth A. & Landon R. Oldham, Jr. In Honor of Martha & Kenneth A. Oldham, Sr.
Ms. Karen L. Ort
Ms. Judith A. Patterson
Mr. Woodward Pealer* & Mrs. Virginia Pealer*
Colleen T. Peterson
Kurt & Bonny Pfluger
Dr. Tyra C. Phipps
MaryJo A. Cooley Price
Mr. Ralph Race* & Mrs. Martha T. Race*
Mr. John W. Reger & Mrs. Narmeen O. Reger
Thomas W.* & Ellen P. Richards*
Dr. John M. Riley* & Mrs. Ruby Riley
Sharon L. Robinson
Mr. Chauncey Sanner*
Mr. Leonard C. Schwab* & Mrs. Jane Schwab*
Joan K. Selby
Dr. Robert S. Selby
Dr. Kathie J. Shaffer
Oma Gail Simmons
Mrs. Jane Warren Sloop & Dr. Richard Carlton Sloop, Sr.*
Henry A. Smith, III & Donna Rae Smith
David L. and M. Katherine Snyder
David A. and Lisa R. Storck
Barbara Ann Miller Summers
Ms. Ellen Talbert-Miller
Ms. Theresa Gaffney Testoni
Janet "JT" Thomas*
Dr. Richard W.* & Ms. Marion H. Trevaskis*
Ms. Betty VanNewkirk*
Ashley & Scott Vascik

Dr. Jonathan Wickert & Sinéad Ronan
Pamela S. Williams
Ms. Elizabeth Gracie Wilson*
Dr. J. Hopwood Wooddell* & Mrs. Karen B. Wooddell

Every effort has been made to be accurate in listing the names of each donor; nonetheless, errors and omissions may occur.
If a name is misspelled, omitted or listed incorrectly, we sincerely apologize. Please bring the mistake to our attention in order that we may correct our records. Thank you.